Canadian pediatric virtual healthcare platform KixCare raises $2M in seed funding – TechCrunch

KixCare, a Canadian virtual healthcare platform for children, announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding. Esplanade Ventures, Canada’s leading digital healthcare venture capital firm, led the funding round, with participation from Horizon Capital and angel investors.

The platform connects families and their children to pediatric telehealth services and aims to enable all Canadian children to have equal access to quality care. KixCare’s team of pediatric care experts includes pediatricians, psychologists, behavioral therapists, dietitians, concussion specialists, and more. The company currently offers services in the province of Ontario and is looking to expand across Canada.

“The funding has allowed us to expand our presence here in Ontario and we will be launching the next launch in Quebec by the end of the year,” said Daniel Warner, CEO of KixCare in an interview with TechCrunch. “The funding will be used to grow our team, enhance the digital experience and grow our network of healthcare providers, including pediatricians.”

Warner noted that KixCare believes that the current model of child health care often fails to meet the needs of both families and caregivers. The team believes that existing traditional and digital care options often fail to provide accessible, online expert pediatric care.

Through KixCare, families and their children can access primary and comprehensive care for things like mental health and concessions, along with sleep, diet, and breastfeeding issues. KixCare’s pediatric experts are available by appointment outside regular clinic hours or within the hour for urgent situations.

“KixCare provides a simple, accessible solution to many of the challenges facing pediatric healthcare today. We are so excited to be the first to launch the pediatric-specific virtual care service. Our social mission is to help all 10 million Canadian families equitably and be there for them and their little ones on their journey to healthcare,” said Warner.

“The time is right to introduce a new pillar in pediatric care. We want children and their families to turn to KixCare for problems big or small, many of which can be solved virtually. What have parents turned to, especially with the pandemic, for quality health care for their children? When it comes to primary care or mental health care, where do you go? The answer is now KixCare.”

When asked about how KixCare differs from many other virtual care platforms, Warner said that KixCare is the only platform focused solely on pediatric health. He also noted that while some other platforms have out-of-pocket costs or require users to purchase insurance, KixCare gives families access to the service for free through their county health cards.

Looking to the future, Warner said KixCare is looking for more services and diagnostic tools as the company wants to ensure it can build an immersive and high-quality experience that meets the needs of children.

In addition, Dr. Janaki Vallipuram, one of KixCare’s healthcare providers, emailed TechCrunch that “the platform is needed now more than ever — when timely access to primary care is difficult due to the pandemic and emergency departments increase the numbers of pediatric visits that don’t necessarily need to be there.” to be.

“However, I believe that Kixcare plays a role beyond this pandemic and can continue to be a great addition to our existing model of care. I love being part of a platform that has such an impact and working with a team with a great vision.”

KixCare was founded by a team of healthcare veterans, including Dr. Sheldon Elman, a primary care physician with more than 45 years of healthcare experience and who is also the founder and chairman of Persistence Capital Partners and Esplanade Ventures. dr. Elman is joined by Dr. Harley Eisman, the chief medical officer of KixCare and the medical director of the emergency pediatric services at Montreal Children’s Hospital with more than 25 years of experience as a physician.

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