Clarence Holder III murder: Cashmenn Moore charged

INDIANAPOLIS – In November 2022, Indianapolis Metropolitan police found Clarence Holder III lying near a road on the east side, dead from a gunshot wound.

About 14 months later, IMPD announced an arrest in connection with his death. Cashmenn Moore, 34, is now charged with murder and possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon.

On Nov. 30, 2022, officers with IMPD Northeast District received a shots fired call around 12 a.m. Police responded to the neighborhood but didn’t immediately find anything.

About two hours later, around 2 a.m., officers were called to the 600 block of Woods Crossing Drive near English Avenue and I-465. They found Holder, 38, unresponsive just off the road. Emergency medical personnel pronounced him dead at the scene.

Holder’s iPhone, kept in an OtterBox case, lay nearby. The coroner observed a single wound to his chest; the coroner’s office later ruled his death a homicide from a gunshot wound.

According to court documents, police spoke with the person who first called in after spotting Holder; the caller told investigators he was driving home from work when he saw what appeared to be some trash at the side of the road. He turned his car around and went to check; he then realized it was a person.

A woman who lived nearby said she’d made the initial call at 12 a.m. She was afraid the person on the ground was “Clarence,” who lived nearby. She also expressed concern that his children were home alone. Detectives received a search warrant for Holder’s residence and located five young children. The oldest said their father left around 12 a.m. and didn’t come back.

A search of Holder’s iPhone revealed several Facebook messages between Holder and someone named “Kingcash Dademon.” The two had exchanged messages on the night of Holder’s death, with one message indicating that “Kingcash Dademon” saw Holder that night.

A Facebook message showed “Kingcash Dademon” arrived at 11:34 p.m. and told Holder to “come out.” The two last had a video chat at 11:56 p.m. The video lasted 58 seconds; “Kingcash Dademon” never attempted to contact Holder after that, court documents indicated.

The chat log showed Holder had earlier received a Cash App link so he could pay “Kingcash Dademon.” A detective traced the Cash App account to a man named Cashmenn Moore; the pictures from Cash App and Facebook appeared to be the same person.

Further analysis of text messages on Holder’s phone found he’d exchanged text messages with a contact named “Cash.” The phone number for those messages, when cross-indexed with Cash App, pointed police to Moore. According to court documents, Moore also sent Holder a different Cash App account that he ran.

In early December, detectives spoke to neighbors to see if they could retrieve any surveillance footage from the night Holder was found shot and killed. One video showed a small, four-door older sedan made a U-turn and stopped near the street where police found Holder’s body.

On Dec. 19, 2022, police conducted surveillance on Moore, who was driving a 1991 Toyota Corolla—a small, four-door older sedan that police believe closely matched the vehicle observed in the home surveillance video. He stopped at a corner sale near 30th Street and Sherman Drive; as he returned to his vehicle, he appeared to spot one of the detectives and got spooked.

Moore took off southbound in an alley at a “high rate of speed,” according to court documents, and headed west on 28th Street. A detective tried to stop him, but Moore kept going. He eventually spun out in a yard and returned to Sherman, where he crashed into an IndyGo bus.

According to court documents, Moore threw a gun out the window while trying to evade police. The probable cause affidavit noted that Moore’s driver’s side window was up when police were conducting surveillance; after the pursuit, the same window was partially down.

Police found the gun they believe Moore tossed from the car near North Denny Street; court documents identified it as a Taurus 9mm with an extended magazine. The gun had mud and scuff marks on it indicating it was dropped or thrown from a vehicle.

In October 2023, an analysis from the Marion County Crime Lab found the discarded firearm matched two casings from the homicide scene as well as the bullet recovered from Holder’s body.

Police arrested Moore on Feb. 9, 2024; he was already at the Community Justice Center for an unrelated case.

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