Clinical Center reorganizing wards, increasing staff for pediatric care

Photos and videos of multiple crying babies crammed into different hospital beds that have gone viral online are misleading, authorities said.

According to online rumors, the images were taken at a specialized quarantine site for babies and toddlers in Shanghai’s Jinshan district.

But the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center responded on Saturday that the photos and videos were not taken there. The authority said the images showed some internal adjustment situations between the center’s pediatric departments.

The center said it would move pediatric wards to the outpatient clinics and emergency buildings to improve the hospitalization environment as the number of infant patients testing positive for COVID-19 has increased recently.

The medical staff of the pediatric and children’s hospitals and the medical teams sent by these hospitals were currently caring for the pediatric patients in the center. Medical treatment and daily care are guaranteed.

More pediatric medical teams will be sent to improve procedures and treatment and establish timely contact with parents.

The center released some final photos on Saturday after some adjustments in the department.

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