Eviction attempt led to deadly shooting in Lawrence

LAWRENCE, Ind. — An argument between a man and woman inside an apartment in the 7000 block of McIntosh Lane Saturday night resulted in gunfire and the man’s death. The Marion County Prosecutor will decide what, if any, charges will be filed in connection to the death.

Lawrence Police Chief Gary Woodruff said the woman attempted to evict the 24-year-old man from her apartment and, when he wouldn’t leave, she called her family for assistance.

”At some point, the resident’s boyfriend produced a handgun that resulted in one of the family members, who also had a handgun, firing shots and striking the boyfriend and, unfortunately, he was not able to survive his injuries.”

Woodruff said investigators recovered two guns, though it appears only one was fired, and the family members cooperated with police.

“The state of Indiana has some of the most robust, if you will, self-defense laws in the entire country,” he said. “Those laws have to be taken into consideration when a charging decision is being made.”

Attorney Jeff Mendes, who has advised many clients regarding self-defense, said prosecutors will determine whether or not the person who fired was doing so in defense of themself or the relative.

”If someone is gonna come at you with a knife that’s deadly force then you can use the same equivalent force to defend yourself or another person,” he said. ”Did this third person reasonably believe that somebody was gonna get seriously injured or possibly even killed? And that person then by shooting this other individual incorporates the self-defense of another.”

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