First Pediatric Hospital Admission,  228 COVID-19 Cases in Routt County in Two Week Period — Routt County Colorado COVID-19 Information

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO, September 22, 2021 — Routt County saw its first local pediatric COVID-19 hospitalization this month. A child under 5 years of age was admitted with severe COVID-19 systems. The child has since been discharged and has recovered at home. The child was not a resident of Routt County. County Medical Officer, Dr. Brian Harrington commented on the pediatric case: “With the local increase in pediatric COVID 19 cases, it is no big surprise that we would end up seeing a seriously ill child. As there is still no vaccine available for young children and many adults remain particularly vulnerable, this case highlights the importance of all eligible members of the community to get vaccinated. State and national data is clear: communities with higher vaccination rates tend to have lower disease transmission, fewer hospitalizations and fewer deaths.”

The COVID-19 dashboard was updated at 8:00 AM on September 22 to share COVID-19 statistics and vaccination rates. There have been 228 Routt resident positive COVID-19 cases in the past two reported weeks and 78 cases in the past week. Routt County has a positivity rate of 8.78%. The vaccination rate for residents of Routt County aged 12 years and older who have completed the vaccine series is 76%.

Total Cases in Routt County (until September 20, 2021): 2995

Total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases: 2269

Total probable cases: 726

Total number of tests taken: 57504

Total number of hospital admissions: 51

Total deaths: 22

————————————————– ————————————————– —————————-

Number of seven-day cases (September 14 – 20, 2021): 78

Number of cases fortnightly (7 – 20 September 2021): 228

Cases per 100,000 people in a 7-day period: 304.1

Cases per 100,000 people in a 14-day period: 888.8

Test Positivity Percentage Per Dial 3.0 (Fourteen Days): 8.78%

Total number of visitor cases in a period of one week: 8

Total number of visitor cases in a two-week period: 17

Total number of tests taken in a one-week period: 1119

Total number of tests taken in a two-week period: 2404

Routt County Resident COVID-19 Hospitalizations (one week): 1-4

Routt County Resident COVID-19 Hospitalizations (two weeks):1-4

Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations at UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center (one week): 1-4

Current COVID-19 Hospitalizations at UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center (two weeks):1-4

Hospital admissions are presented as a series to protect the identity of cases. Zero hospital admissions are shown as such.

Vaccine Distribution in Routt County: Vaccination data comes from the Colorado Immunization Information System, CIIS. This data is specific to Routt County residents, regardless of where they received their vaccine and does not include vaccine doses dispensed by Routt County suppliers to non-Routt County residents.

Routt residents (all ages) have received at least one dose: 18468, 72%

Routt Residents (All Ages) Completed Vaccine Series: 17148, 67%

Routt residents 16+ received at least one dose: 17629, 83%

Routt Residents 16+ Completed Vaccine Series: 16395, 77%

Routt residents 12+ received at least one dose: 18467, 82%

Routt Residents 12+ Completed Vaccine Series: 17148, 76%

87% of Routt County’s 70+ population have completed the vaccine series.

Vaccination Rates by Geography

Disclaimer: Geographic information is based on the demographics in CIIS. Some records have missing or incomplete addresses that cannot be attributed to a specific geographic area in Routt County.

Estimated vaccination rates by region

City % received 1 dose % completed vaccine series

North Rout 67% 63%

South Rout 46% 43%

Steamboat Springs. 78% 73%

West Rout 41% 38%

Routt County Overall 72% 67%

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