IMPD investigates two homicides within minutes overnight

INDIANAPOLIS — A pair of early morning murders on opposite sides of town within minutes kept Indianapolis police homicide detectives busy this morning.

The first occurred at 5524 Georgetown Rd. outside of a liquor store at 1:32 a.m. leaving one man dead.

The second occurred four minutes later at a gas station convenience store at East 21st Street and North Emerson Avenue where a man was also killed.

As of this hour, there are no identities of either victim, though in both investigations there were witnesses.

These two killings raise Indianapolis’ 2023 homicide tally to 183, just three homicides short of last year’s total on this date.

Six of those homicides are the result of IMPD Officer Involved Shootings.

October has traditionally been a deadly month in Indianapolis with the city’s homicide total hitting the thirty mark each of the last three years.

This month that October total stands at 15 as officers struggle to stem gun violence.

On Oct. 11, the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force served a search warrant in the 1200 block of Wade Street off of East Raymond and locked up Jilynn Robinson, 24, and four other people.

Robinson was previously charged with dealing drugs while armed with a deadly weapon and selling illegal machine gun conversion devices commonly referred to as “switches” which can turn a handgun essentially into a rapid fire machine gun.

During the raid earlier this month detectives recovered three handguns, a half-pound of marijuana, two hundred narcotic pills and more than $7000 in cash.

Robinson was held without bond for six days pending a $10,000 bond posting deadline of Oct. 19.

Robinson was already free on $15,000 and $30,000 surety bonds from previous arrests and has had $27,000 cash seized by investigators during various drug investigations over the last two years.

Earlier this year, Robinson pleaded guilty to a 2022 charge of carrying a handgun with a prior felony.

His bond in that case was contingent on no more new arrests and no possession of firearms.

For that case, Robinson was sentenced in March to 1090 days probation in lieu of three years in prison.

Though his probation was revoked in August due to a new arrest, the judge set a $1500 cash bond on the violation.

Robinson was free on that most recent bond and facing a probation violation related to his suspended prison sentenced when he was arrested by ICGTF detectives earlier this month.

He is not currently listed as an inmate of the Adult Detention Center indicating he is likely free on the latest charges related to the Oct. 11 raid and his probation violation.

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