Indiana gubernatorial candidates discuss visions for economy

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana gubernatorial candidates were able to share their future economic plans for the state Thursday in Bloomington.

The Bloomington Economic Development Corporation hosted a panel discussion at their regional meeting. 

All three candidates, including Sen. Mike Braun, Jennifer McCormick, and Donald Rainwater shared their economic outlooks if elected Governor this November.  

It’s one of the few times the three have interacted before the election, with a focus on the state of the economy. 

“Your tax bill should never be going up faster than the growth of the economy and I’ll find a way to get that done,” said Republican candidate Braun. 

All three candidates shared differing opinions on what needs to change to improve the quality of life for Hoosiers. 

“We have an issue with too much government in our daily lives,” said Libertarian nominee Donald Rainwater.  “We have too much taxation, we have too much spending.”

They discussed a wide range of topics, including education and healthcare.

“I’m going to restore women’s reproductive rights and freedoms, and make sure all of us have access to affordable healthcare,” said McCormick, the Democratic candidate. 

Candidates were able to talk to attendees one-on-one before and after today’s panel discussion.

“I think each of the candidates offered different perspectives,” said Austin Butters, one attendee. “My own take is that they all are offering potential solutions that are going to hit at different aspects of the problem.”

Guests could ask questions about issues they’d like to see addressed. Some of those topics included affordable housing and global warming.

Organizers hope the forum allows voters to form their own opinions about each potential state leader. 

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