Journalist Who Exposed Salt & Roti Being Served As Mid-Day Meal Appeals Government To Fund His Cancer Treatment

Lucknow: A journalist from Uttar Pradesh took to Twitter and appealed to the Yogi Adityanath government in the state to help him with his cancer treatment. Pawan Jaiswal, who has two children, is a freelance journalist from Mirzapur-Vindhyachal and is struggling to take care of his treatment.

Tagging Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanth, Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav, Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi, the journalist tweeted: “In life we ​​have done journalism with honesty, we revealed that salt roti was fed to children. But now I am losing hope. Right now do i need money for treatment i fight cancer problem.. please help @myogiaditityanath @yadavakhilesh @priyankagandhi.”

In life we ​​have done honest journalism, we have revealed that salt roti was fed to children. But now we are losing hope. At the moment we need money for treatment. We are fighting the problem of cancer. † Please help. @myogiaditianath @yadavakhilesh @priyankagandhi

— Pawan Jaiswal journalist (@PawanJa62011941) April 11, 2022

Pawan Jaiswal is the journalist who revealed that only salt and chapati were served as lunch to children in a UP school.

According to the norms of the midday meal schedule, pulses, rice, rotis, vegetables with fruit and milk should be served to school-age children on certain days to ensure the necessary nutrition for them.

The midday meal is intended to provide a minimum of 450 calories per child per day, and the meal should contain at least 12 grams of protein. These meals must be served to each child at least 200 days a year.

In 2019, Jaiswal was given a clean slate after he was arrested for allegedly defaming the state government’s image after shooting a video showing only salt and rotis being served to students at an elementary school in Mirzapur.

The video, taken by Jaiswal, of Shiur Primary School under Aharaura Police Station, had gone viral on Aug. 22. That video had sparked opposition from the opposition to the BJP government in the state.

Two teachers were suspended by the state government. A case was registered against Jaiswal, a journalist with a Hindi daily newspaper, and the representative of the village chief Rajkumar Pal in Hinauta, for allegedly defaming the image of the state government.

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