Keeping the faith through breast cancer diagnosis; Guggenberger remembers her diagnosis | Health

Guggenberger’s cancer was an aggressive type. Because of her age of 48, he wanted to be equally aggressive with treatments. She underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy, one every 21 days, and 36 radiation treatments.

Fortunately, Guggenberger finished her treatments just in time to celebrate her daughter Andrea’s wedding.

“That was a happy time, even though I knew the meaning ‘bald is beautiful,'” she said.

Guggenberger, daughter of Randal and Wanda Wallen, grew up in Leadwood with seven siblings: Sheila, Bud, Randy, Angie, twins Dennis and Denise, and Krystle.

“Our house was always full,” she said, “not just in numbers, but our house was filled with love and faith.”

Randal was a minister of the Church of God for over 50 years. He and Wanda taught their children about a God who takes care of everyone.

“We all have a path in this life,” Guggenberger said, “and it’s how we choose to live it that counts.”

She said her faith, family, and belief in the power of prayer were what caused cancer.

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That cancer journey began in the summer of 2001.

She had worked as a school secretary during the summer. Her sister worked in the radiology department. When Guggenberger became interested in becoming a radiologist, she was allowed to volunteer and work as a work shadow in the department. However, one of the employees in that department had to undergo emergency surgery, so she was asked to fill that position full-time for a few weeks.

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