Kokomo police say shoplifter peed on pile of Old Navy pants

KOKOMO, Ind. — Police say a shoplifter walked into an Old Navy store, took several pairs of pants off a rack, urinated on the pants and then walked out of the store with the soiled garments shoved in a bag.

According to the Kokomo Police Department, the incident occurred Saturday at an Old Navy located at 2132 E. Boulevard.

Employees said the man, described as being in his 40s or 50s, walked into the store and began gathering clothing items in a bag. The man then walked toward the bathroom but found the restroom occupied.

Photo of shoplifting suspect who allegedly peed on Old Navy’s pants (Kokomo PD)

This is when the man reportedly began to take several pairs of pants off a clothing rack and place the garments on the floor. He then relieved himself on the pants, soaking them in urine.

When confronted, the man reportedly put the soiled pants into a bag with the rest of the clothing items he’d previously gathered. The man then walked out of the store without paying for any of the items — including the soaked pants.

Police released a photograph of the suspect captured by Old Navy surveillance cameras. The Kokomo police are asking for help identifying the man. Anyone with information can contact Kokomo police at (765) 456-7017.

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