Long’s Bakery celebrates anniversary with 69¢ donut sale

INDIANAPOLIS – The historic eatery, Long’s Bakery, celebrates its 69-year anniversary with a deal on its iconic glazed donut on Saturday.

The donuts typically retail at 92¢ but will be on sale for just 69¢ to commemorate their longstanding success in Central Indiana.

Click through a slideshow of all the sweet treats they’re making, baking, and slicing from hand at Long’s Bakery:

The feast of the yeast will take place at their Indianapolis location on 1453 North Tremont Street, as well as the Southport location at 2301 East Southport Road.

Long’s Bakery started in Indianapolis on Saturday, Jan. 29, 1955, with Carl and Mildred Long. The family-owned bakeshop has now had four generations of owners, and it just so happens that every owner is also a baker. The donut factory is filled with siblings, cousins, and spouses.

All hands are on deck because a yeast donut takes three hours to make from start to finish. Long’s takes pride in the diligence and dedication that their more than 90 employees show daily.

“One of our biggest strengths is our employees,” said Crystal Smith, co-owner of Long’s Bakery. “We love and appreciate them so much and try to provide a family-type environment in our workplace.”

Click through to view a slideshow of the locations and the famous yeast:

The beloved Bakery is so famous to Hoosiers that a song was created by the native artist Tevin Studdard. “Take a bite, change your life,” said Studdard. To hype yourself up for the sale, listen to the viral song that reached more than 900,000 streams across social platforms here.

Click through to view a slideshow of the Tevin Studdard Long’s Bakery music video here:

There is a 10-dozen limit for customers in the cash-only establishment.

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