Marion, Indiana doctor has medical license suspension extended

MARION, Ind. — The Indiana Medical License Board extended a 90-day suspension of Dr. William David Moore’s medical license on Thursday.

The Marion, Ind. physician is now facing a growing investigation by the Indiana State Police as well as possible civil suits from as many as 60 of his former patients.

Stephanie Cassman, an attorney representing a number of Dr. Moore’s former patients, said she takes calls every day from women who claim they were victims of Dr. Moore.

“He was allowed to do this for decades,” Cassman said.

This past January, the Attorney General and state police investigations came to light, resulting in Dr. Moore announcing online he would no longer be practicing medicine.

The Grant County Board of Health, which Dr. Moore had been the head of, reversed its decision and replaced him in a partnership with a physician from Miami County.

Dr. Moore is accused of photographing women’s genitalia, without their permission. He is also accused of inappropriate behavior during pelvic exams, ordering unneeded medical tests and behaving in a suggestive way while delivering babies at Marion Health.

“The fact is these women were sexually abused throughout the course of examinations and treatment by Dr. Moore, either at Marion General Hospital or his medical practice,” said Cassman.

The Indiana State Police said detectives have interviewed close to 100 former patients. However, the Grant County prosecutor has not received a final report, and no criminal charges have been filed.

One woman, who asked not to be identified, spoke with FOX59/CBS4 about a pelvic exam Dr. Moore did on her while he was practicing medicine in California in the 1990s. The woman now lives in Indiana.

Her story is similar to other patients.

“I couldn’t see what he was doing because of the sheet, but I realized he was doing something he should not have been,” she said. “I told him to stop it and he told me to just relax. But
I never went back to him.”

Suzette Morton, a registered nurse who worked at Marion Health while Dr. Moore was in practice, told the medical license board in January that she had heard complaints about Dr. Moore but was told nothing could be done.

“I heard a lot of complaints that echoed what’s been told today,” Morton said. “Assessments that were more sensual and lingering than was clinical and professional.”

Dr. Moore’s medical license is now suspended until at least July of 2023.

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