Mount Sinai opens pediatric rehabilitation center in New York

Mount Sinai Health System opened the Charles Lazarus Children’s Abilities Center, which will be announced as the first innovative pediatric rehabilitation center in New York City, according to an Oct. 4 press release.

The facility, located in Mount Sinai-Union Square, offers innovative and affordable therapies to accelerate rehabilitation for a variety of conditions, according to Mount Sinai.

“Traditional approaches to pediatric rehabilitation are difficult to access, expensive to achieve, and often require families to make enormous sacrifices to access adequate care,” said David Putrino, PhD, director of rehabilitation innovation and leader of the new center. the press release. “Our team is experts in delivering high-quality therapies using innovative techniques, making care accessible and affordable for all children.”

The center offers three main innovative programs:

1. The ‘therapy as play’ program provides low-cost, game-based telecare services for children with paralysis, initially targeting people with cerebral palsy. Clinicians can track patients’ progress and adjust game levels to make them more challenging over time.

2. The “Game Safety Program” focuses on rapid identification, assessment, and care for pediatric concussions and traumatic brain injuries. The center also has an app designed to improve and accelerate diagnoses for hopeful early intervention.

3. The “Generational Youth Mentors Program” works with local non-profit community groups to provide virtual access to educational, social and emotional support for children living in poverty.

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