MU Health officials praise smooth transition of pediatric emergency services in Columbia

MU Health Care says the move of emergency pediatrics last week from the Keene facility in Columbia to University Hospital required extensive planning and preparation.

Christina Hoff Vollrath, director of the MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital, says about two dozen departments have teamed up to make the move.

“We’ve moved our pediatric service line to include our pediatric emergency services, our pediatric hospital departments with the PICU, our pediatric surgeries, our blood disease cancer unit, our procedure suite,” she says.

She spoke Saturday morning at 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Round Table”. The new location of the University Hospital will have childcare and a shelter dog. It is exclusively intended for children with child-specific care teams, equipment and facilities.

Hoff Vollrath also says that the move has helped pediatric emergency services gain space and beds.

“We got some extra beds. MU Health Care of the University Hospital got some extra beds, you know, beds that we had taken out of service over the years for offices and the like. So we renovated those, we renovated two, for the hospitalized patients the PICU and the inpatient pediatric floor, we renovated those floors and made them very kid-friendly,” says Hoff Vollrath.

Pediatric patients requiring emergency care are now required to visit the pediatric ward of the University Hospital. The move is the first step in creating a centralized hospital campus.

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