Muncie man admits to raping 14-year-old girl, court docs say

MUNCIE, Ind. — A 30-year-old Muncie man was charged with rape after admitting to police that he had sex with a 14-year-old girl, court documents state.

In addition to rape, Justin Michael Davis is also facing charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and sexual battery.

On Jan. 29, a woman reported to police that Davis raped the 14-year-old girl in his home in the 2000 block of South Waldemere Avenue on Jan. 27. After the report was completed, the woman took the girl to the hospital for a sexual assault exam.

Two days later, police interviewed the victim and an 8-year-old witness. The girl explained to police that Davis took her into the living room — away from the 8-year-old — fondled her and forcibly raped, court documents state. The 8-year-old told police that she heard screaming in the other room, and when the 14-year-old returned to the bedroom, she did not have pants on. Both children said Davis then slept in the same bed with them that night.

On Feb 6, officers took Davis to the police department for an interview. Police said Davis corroborated much of the children’s statements, including that they stayed at his house on the night of Jan. 27 and slept in his bed. Davis stated that he was drinking that night and did not remember portions of the evening. He also told police that he has had romantic thoughts about the 14-year-old in the past and thought he might ask her to date him when she turns 18, per court documents.

The documents go on to state that when police asked Davis if he thought he had sex with the 14-year-old that night, he replied “yes” and that he “probably did” several times.

Officers arrested Davis, and he was booked into jail on a $35,000 cash bond.

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