Neighbors suspect site of alleged Fishers homicide was an Airbnb

FISHERS, Ind. — It was 20 minutes before midnight on Saturday when neighbors heard gunfire in the 10000 block of Apple Blossom Circle in Fishers.

“I heard a bunch of gunshots,” said Crystal Magee. “I want to say anywhere from five to 10 gunshots. Very loud and repeating on and on.”

“There were multiple shots, twice,” Frank Bold added. “I heard them twice, but other people heard them three or four times, but I heard them twice. Multiple, five or six shots at a time.”

Outside of a two-story home in the middle of the block, police found a wounded victim.

“We’re some distance from there,” said Bold. “We obviously know a guy was killed in front of there. There’s blood all over the street.”

Fishers police officers were back out in the neighborhood at the scene of the murder Sunday afternoon, walking the property where the shooting occurred, talking to residents and searching for surveillance or doorbell video camera footage of the incident.

At least one neighbor had video of two vehicles leaving right after the shooting.

“What I think is there was a bunch of teenagers that were throwing a house party,” said Magee. “That means somebody around here is renting underage kids, an Airbnb.”

“We assume it’s an Airbnb,” Bold added. “We don’t know for sure, but I know during the holidays all different cars there three or four times a week, so we just assumed, and we knew there were some people in and out.”

The owner of the home hung up when contacted by FOX59 and CBS4 for a comment.

“It’s a good neighborhood,” Bold said. “Everybody here was surprised.”

“We need to know which houses are Airbnb, and we would like to know what are the safety precautions they are taking because something like this happening makes us feel unsafe,” said Magee. “We don’t mind visitors, but be friendly visitors. Don’t be someone who is going to hurt and kill somebody. That’s not what we want in our neighborhood.”

Police indicated that they had questioned several people who were in the house at the time of the shooting.

The Marion County Coroner will release the name of the victim.

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