New Haven

A few miles from here

On the eastern shores of the harbor

Is a monument towering high

About the silent sound

At night moonbeams unfold,

Painting waves with silver flecks –

A compass for those who navigate

Shadows of uncertainty

The fog has yet to lift

Floating over dark ripples

We’re looking for lighthouses

Into each other’s eyes

guiding hands

To help us decide

How to steer the boat?

Wear our patients

Back to the shore

Every day we return to the hospital

ready, prepared,

Eager to cultivate refuges

Even now, especially here

We are looking for anchors

In each other’s hands

Travel together

Even if it was just for a while

Then send them away

walking with them

On the journey home

Author’s Note:

I like the name of our city. Every day it encourages me to find and cultivate new refuges, not only

for myself but also for the people around me in my life – refuges, be it for patients

or fellow residents, family or friends. Also and especially in the hospital, a place that often

intimidating and frightening to patients, we are called to create spaces of refuge for families like

they wade through storms of sickness and trial. Here, in New Haven, I find my own; I hope

that you also may find your own refuges.

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