Nomi Health expands Covid-19 vaccination capacity including pediatric vaccinations at community and mobile clinics

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (PRESS RELEASE) – In response to a dramatic increase in Colorado Covid-19 infections, Nomi Health, the direct health care company that coordinates COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts across the country, is extending hours and expanding capacity of its community and mobile vaccination clinics across the state. The sites offer Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations and boosters for adults and children.

One in 51 Coloradans is now contagious with COVID-19 as the state records the fifth highest number of new infections compared to the country’s population.

Nomi Health vaccinations are available at the following sites:

Citadel Mall: Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm

Chapel Hills: Monday – Saturday 9am to 6pm

Pueblo Mall: Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Pediatric immunizations for children ages 5-11 are available from these dates at these locations:

Chapel Hills Mall – Saturday November 6

Citadel Mall: Friday November 5

Pueblo Mall: Saturday, November 6

Visit: to find a clinic and register for a vaccination anywhere in Colorado

“As Colorado gets another pandemic wave just as we approach the holiday season, the best way to keep our families and each other safe is to get vaccinated,” said Harold DelasAlas, MD, PharmD, medical director, Nomi Health. “The goal of Nomi Health is to ensure that no eligible person seeking a vaccine is turned down.”

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