Physician-Scientist Dedicates Time and Expertise to Conquer Kids’ Cancer

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s one thing to love the work you do in your day job. However, it says so much more if you also dedicate your “free hours” to the same mission. Take, for example, Jeffrey M. Lipton, MD, Ph.D., director, hematology/oncology and stem cell transplantation, Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. He has served intermittently on the board of directors of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation since he first joined in 2005 and will roll off the board this year.

dr. Lipton’s journey on the board has had a unique impact. During his time, he recruited and led the St. Baldrick’s Scientific Advisory Committee and created the strategy for the Foundation’s internationally respected and highly competitive grant program. Thanks to the leadership and vision of Dr. Lipton, the Foundation has been instrumental in virtually every advancement in childhood cancer since its inception.

dr. Lipton was a board member for a total of 13 years and recruited world-renowned Robert (Bob) J. Arceci, MD, PhD to replace him. When Dr. Arceci died in a motorcycle accident in 2015, just a week before a significant number of research grant decisions had to be made, Dr. Lipton back in to fill Bob’s shoes and ensure the continuity of the research funding program.

“It has been one of the greatest privileges of my professional career to work closely with this man,” said Becky Chapman Weaver, Chief Mission Officer. “Shortly after the St. Baldrick’s Foundation was established, a board member introduced me to Jeff as someone who might work with us to build our new program to fund childhood cancer research grants. From that initial conversation to today, he has been has been a constant source of wisdom, scientific expertise, practical advice and great humor.Our program would not have been as widely respected as it is today, if Jeff hadn’t been in charge.”

dr. Lipton also led the initiative to create the St. Baldrick’s Robert J. Arceci Innovation Award, a new type of grant that continues the legacy of Dr. Arceci reflects, where thinking out-of-the-box and rewarding high-risk research.

Later on, Dr. Lipton also included Susan L. Cohn, MD, now chair of the St. Baldrick’s Scientific Advisory Committee, and Jason T. Yustein, MD, Ph.D., a former St. Baldrick’s Scholar. Together with other members of the Scientific Advisory Board, these physician-scientists oversee the St. Baldrick’s Foundation funding program, giving donors the assurance that their support makes the very best research possible.

Since Dr. Lipton led the creation of the St. Baldrick’s research program, the Foundation has supported more than $312 million in life-saving research grants through 1,644 grants to 380 institutions in 30 countries.

In addition to his key roles at Cohen Children’s Medical Center and the Zucker School of Medicine in Hofstra/Northwell, Dr. Lipton past president of the American Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (ASPHO). In addition to his professional roles, Dr. Lipton also spoke with students from kindergarten to high school to help them understand cancer and promote their interest in science.

There is no question or phone call. dr. Lipton does not answer. He once ran the Philadelphia Marathon and shaved his head immediately afterward, highlighting the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s signature fundraising activity. He has also traveled from Kyoto to Dublin to represent St. Baldrick’s at scientific meetings – a real step up for children with cancer!

“It has been a pleasure and wonderful experience to work with Dr. Lipton on the Board of Directors. He is always a gentleman, respectful of all, with a ready sense of humor and unbridled enthusiasm,” said Kathleen Ruddy, CEO of St Baldrick’s Foundation. “His leadership in a crisis, like when Bob Arceci died, is extraordinary and he really is the model pediatric oncologist that young doctors are trying to emulate.”

At the end of Dr. Lipton, St. Baldrick’s Ambassadors and Honored Kids held a virtual knighthood ceremony, earning him the title “Crusader for a Cure,” a top spot in the Foundation’s League of Legendary Heroes. He is indeed a legend.

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Every 2 minutes somewhere in the world a child gets cancer. In the US, 1 in 5 will not survive. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the largest non-governmental funder of childhood cancer research grants, is on a mission to extend life to children by supporting the most promising research to find cures and better treatments for all forms of childhood cancer. When you give to St. Baldrick’s, you’re not just giving to one hospital – you’re supporting virtually every institution with the expertise to treat children with cancer in the US. St. Baldrick’s ensures that children fighting cancer today — and those who will be in the future — will have access to the most advanced treatment, supporting every phase of research, from new ideas in the lab to developing new therapies, to life-saving clinical trials. Join and help #GiveKidsALifetime.

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