Protestors jump on cars and shut down Lafayette Road for hours

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD officers shut down Lafayette Road between 16th street and Cold Spring Road for close to two hours Saturday night as they removed protestors from the roadway.

IMPD said officers responded to an event center in the 1700 block of Lafayette just after 5 p.m. A group of individuals was protesting the evening and were asked to leave.

Police said the group went into the roadway and was blocking traffic.

At one point a vehicle drove close to the protestors and several people began jumping on vehicles, according to a police spokesperson.

After a large police response, the protestors cleared the roadway and officers began allowing traffic through just after 7 p.m.

Two people were detained and police are asking residents to continue to avoid the area.

Pictures from the scene show a large group of people holding signs and flags. One sign appears to read “Regime Change in Eritrea.”

A witness told our crew on scene the group is protesting the Eritrean dictatorship and supporters of the current government came to disrupt the event.

IMPD said it was aware of the event ahead of time and will be monitoring the protest throughout the evening.

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