Richard Allen not expected to attend upcoming State Supreme Court hearing

INDIANAPOLIS — Richard Allen was originally scheduled to stand trial for the 2017 Delphi double murders this month. Instead, after what the judge called an “unexpected turn of events” in October, the fate of Allen’s defense team now lies with the state’s highest court.

In two weeks, the state’s Supreme Court will hear arguments that will impact who represents defendant Richard Allen amid his looming trial. Indiana State Police say while they don’t know whether Allen will be there in person, they are taking security very seriously in anticipation of a day that could capture national attention.

“I can confirm that, as far as we know, he will not be there,” Cara Wieneke, an attorney for Allen, said in a statement. “We have not asked for him to be transported. I confirmed with the Supreme Court Services this morning that the Court has not arranged on its own for Mr. Allen to attend. And we have not been notified by anyone representing the State or Judge Gull that they wish to have Mr. Allen attend.”

Either way, Indiana State Police said they cannot share details on their operational plans for the day publicly.

“The one thing I can tell you – you can expect to see additional law enforcement personnel, namely state police and also our colleagues at the Indiana Department of Corrections,” Captain Ron Galaviz, ISP’s chief public information officer, said.

A special operations team will also be ensuring things run smoothly. But Galaviz emphasized the statehouse is always a busy building, frequently hosting high-profile events. Plus, lawmakers will be back in session.

Thus, state police said their underlying mission remains the same as always – conducting daily sweeps for threats and making sure the building is safe for all staff, legislators and guests. Visitors will need to walk through the same metal detectors as any other day.

“Hopefully everybody just sees this as business as usual as they come through here, and that their daily routines are not interrupted whatsoever. That’s what our goal is overall,” Galaviz added.

Richard Allen is accused of killing two young girls near Delphi’s Monon High Bridge in February of 2017. Right now, his trial is expected to begin in October. Justices will be considering Allen’s request to reinstate his original defense team and remove the judge who insisted they withdraw a few months ago.

If Allen were to appear in person on Jan. 18, ISP said they do have a plan in place.

“Without getting into any specifics, I think it’s safe to say that he would probably come and go with very few people probably actually seeing him coming and going,” Galaviz explained. “But a lot of that is going to be worked out with our colleagues at the Department of Corrections.”

Court officials are expecting seating to be limited during the hearing, saying any visitors interested in attending will need to request a ticket that morning. The Indiana Supreme Court will also be livestreaming the hearing at 11 a.m.

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