Rise in flu cases; a pediatrician discusses complications, high-risk categories, and vaccination

LAS VEGAS (CLASS) – Today says Dr. Carrie Wijesinghe, the founder of Siena Pediatrics, in our “Directions from a Pediatrician” segment that she is already seeing flu cases in southern Nevada.

dr. Wijesinghe discusses complications, risk categories and whether you can give your child a flu vaccine along with a covid vaccine – once it’s approved.

“We had our first case of flu last Monday. We try to get people the flu shot as early as possible. I just want to draw attention to the flu. We normally talk about this every fall, but I do want to discuss some points that may not be discussed with families or even adults.

As you know, flu is a major cause of illness, we usually see it every fall, it can be as early as October and even April,” she added.

“Anyone can get the flu, and unfortunately I hear stories of the death of 20-year-olds from the flu… Infants and children are a risk category and again people aged 65 and over. Many of these families, people have chronic conditions such as diabetes and congestive heart failure … such a problem can put them more at risk of being hospitalized,” she added.

About complications, she says, “We think we might miss a few days at work, but people do go to the hospital for pneumonia…there are neurological things that people don’t talk about, like seizures and strokes…years. It can make a huge difference in your family’s life,” she added.

As for getting both the flu shot and the COVID-19 vaccine, “You can do that… A lot of my families try to get their flu shots ahead of time and when it’s approved they can just get the COVID vaccine, within that categories,” she said.

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