Sunny open to weekend; heat returning in the days ahead

Clear skies and light winds are bringing a cooler start this Friday morning under a new, dry air mass. This will mark an incredible morning and lots of sunshine on the way today. Out-the-door temperatures will start in the 50s as rain chances have ended across the state.

Bright sun, a light, northwest wind and lower dew points will bring a gorgeous afternoon. Very quiet conditions to open the weekend and beyond! Enjoy this cooler-than-normal day as the heat is building out west.

The weekend will stay dry, and sunshine will dominate both days as temperatures begin their jump back into the 90s by Sunday afternoon.

Nearing record heat will be possible next week as a long, hot, dry stretch gets underway! This will likely mark the hottest stretch of 2023, with the upper 90s in the forecast, with nearing or tying record highs next Wednesday and Thursday. GET READY!!!