Teen charged with attempted murder

PLAINFIELD, Ind. – A 17-year-old faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, in connection with a shooting stemming from a road rage incident in Plainfield.

Ravin Miller, who’s case has been waived to adult court, faces one felony count each of attempted murder, obstruction of justice and dealing in marijuana. He faces a misdemeanor count of dangerous possession of a firearm.

Officers with the Avon and Plainfield police departments were dispatched to Township Line Road and Bluewood Way around 9 p.m. on June 7. They found a juvenile male in the back seat of a Kia Optima who’d been shot.

The car had several bullet holes on the driver’s side. The driver and passengers told police they were involved in a road rage incident that started in the 2700 block of East Main Street. It continued to E. County Road 300 S. At one point, the driver of the Kia gave the middle finger to occupants of the other vehicle, a silver Dodge Charger.

This image from the probable cause affidavit shows the damage to the Kia Optima

They described the Charger’s driving as “erratic and aggressive.” The people in the Kia told police the driver of the Charger, later identified as Miller, reached across the body of his passenger and fired multiple shots in the direction of their car. The juvenile in the back seat was hit multiple times.

Investigators tracked the Charger to an apartment complex in Plainfield. The vehicle had been backed into a carport, making the license plate difficult to see. Detectives spoke to the general manager of the apartment complex, who said she’d made a complaint about the Charger driving recklessly around the parking lot on June 6, the day before the shooting.

She identified Miller as the driver of that car and said he’d “flipped her off while driving recklessly through the apartment complex.” Her description of Miller matched that of the description of the driver provided by the people in the Kia.

Police obtained a search warrant for Miller’s apartment and vehicle. Around 5 a.m. on June 8, multiple agencies served the warrants and ordered people to come out of the apartment where police believe Miller lived. Eight individuals, including Miller, his parents, his friend, his girlfriend and three juveniles came out.

Investigators seized multiple firearms from inside as well as ammunition, approximately a pound of marijuana and a digital scale, among other items. They found six spent shell casings inside a cup in the upstairs bathroom. Police believe Miller collected the casings from the Charger in an attempt to conceal his involvement.

This image from the probable cause affidavit shows shell casings and the cup they were placed in

Two Glocks in Miller’s room were lodged “deep into a floor vent with several large plastic bags” containing what appeared to be marijuana. During an interview with police, Miller said he’d started dealing pot about a month ago, according to court documents.

Miller’s girlfriend and his friend declined to speak with investigators, but Miller and his mother met with Plainfield detectives.

Miller told police he collected shell casings from the shooting and put them in a cup. He said he had a Glock with him the night he was driving his mother’s Dodge Charger. He told police he and his friends got into an argument with the occupants of a Kia Optima; he “feared for his life” because he didn’t know if the driver or passengers were armed.

After the shooting, Miller and his friends returned to his parents’ apartment. Neither Miller nor the other people in the Charger notified police about the shooting. Police also said it was apparent Miller hadn’t told his family what happened, “raising suspicion of an attempt to conceal the event.”

Miller’s claim of fearing for his life was inconsistent with the circumstances surrounding the shooting, police said, because he followed the other car instead of disengaging from the situation.

Miller had his initial hearing on June 9. He’s next due in court for a pretrial conference, with a jury trial scheduled for August.

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