Teen’s release could be delayed over battery allegation

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – The Noblesville school shooter faces a new battery allegation that could delay his release. 

A judge is weighing whether to release the teen from juvenile prison. During a Wednesday morning hearing, it was revealed he may face a felony battery charge unrelated to the shooting. 

If the charge holds, he’ll stay in the juvenile facility where he’s being held. Another hearing on the matter has been scheduled for Thursday, April 27. 

The teen was 13 years old when he brought a handgun into Noblesville West Middle School and shot classmate Ella Whistler. Science teacher Jason Seaman stopped the boy. Whistler was shot multiple times while Seaman was hit three times; both survived. 

The shooter had a .22-caliber gun, a .45-caliber gun and a knife, according to court documents. He was charged as a juvenile and sent to a juvenile facility, as the case could not be waived to adult court under Indiana law. 

In a message to parents sent this week, the school district said the former student would not return to Noblesville Schools or any other district in Hamilton County. In addition, he would not be allowed on Noblesville school grounds upon his release.

“We recognize this may be a painful subject for many in our community who are still experiencing hurt, fear and anger regarding the 2018 school shooting,” according to the message. “We are sharing this information because we want to make sure all of our families and staff feel supported and informed.” 

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