Valerie Tindall’s parents respond to Patrick Scott murder charges

ARLINGTON, Ind. – It’s been more than 24 hours since we learned the gruesome details of how 59-year-old Patrick Scott admitted to police he killed 17-year-old Valerie Tindall. 

Tindall’s parents spoke to FOX59/CBS4’s Jenny Dreasler about their daughter’s murder and their message for Scott. 

Shena Sandefur and Jack Tindall say their fight for justice isn’t over, it’s just beginning. 

“It makes me sick,” said Sandefur. “And he didn’t just murder her, he left her to sit in that house.”

In a gut-wrenching moment of clarity, Sandefur and Tindall broke down in tears multiple times as they spoke for more than an hour, going over the gruesome details of their 17-year-old daughter, Valerie’s, murder. 

“The way he described everything is so heartless,” said Sandefur. “There was no, it was like he’s not even a human being speaking.”

“He had no remorse,” said Tindall. “She worked for him for more than two years and there’s no remorse at all.” 

The police report released Thursday states Scott told police he drove Tindall back to his home on June 7, 2023, where he says she tried to seduce him and he “wasn’t going to have it.” 

He went on to say that’s why he strangled Tindall with a belt he was wearing, wrapped her in black plastic, and left her body in his home office while his family went about their evening. 

The report says Scott detailed putting Tindall in a homemade wooden box the next day and screwed it shut, before burying her on property he owned, just feet away from her parents’ house. 

An edited version of FOX59/CBS4’s interview with Shena Sandefur and Jack Tindall can be viewed below:

“I went from being sad, to now I’m just angry. I’m so angry. And I won’t stop until there are answers,” said Sandefur.

Jack Tindall and Sandefur told FOX59/CBS4 they never suspected their neighbor or someone they considered a friend would do this. 

They said Scott even consoled them after Valerie disappeared, and that Scott and his wife Linda spoke to them the day after she was murdered. 

It’s a conversation they say they will never forget. 

“They were definitely picking brains,” said Sandefur. “They wanted us to believe that she ran away.”

“You could tell they were kind of trying to steer us in their direction,” said Jack Tindall.

And now, Valerie’s parents have a strong message for Scott.  

“He’s a freaking monster,” said Jack Tindall.

“You’re heartless, soulless, you’re a demon and God will make you pay,” said Sandefur.

Scott is currently in the Rush County jail. He’s due in court for a pretrial conference on Dec. 19 and a jury trial is set for April 2024. 

A GoFundMe page has been created to assist the family with funeral costs. That can be viewed here.

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