Where is Andrea Morehead now?

Who is Chris Wright married to?

He is married to Australian Olympic swimmer Melanie Schlanger.

Where is Brian Wilkes? Brian Wilkes was head of meteorology at FOX59 until July 1995. He graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor’s degree in communications science. He completed two and a half years of training at WGN-9 (Chicago), under the weather forecast of Tom Skilling.

Who is the meteorologist on Channel 4?

Starting Friday, Channel 4 will add a fifth weather forecast: Kasey Reigner, a 23-year-old Franklin native and graduate of Penn State University.

Who left Channel 4 weather?

WIVB-TV (Channel 4) meteorologist Andrew Baglini will leave the station next week after seven years. Baglini announced on his Twitter account today: “I do not know what will happen next, but I hope to find out and I will let you know when I do.”

Who is Wdiv new chief meteorologist?

Meteorologist Andrew Humphrey is an Emmy Award-winning meteorologist, as well as AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM).

How old is Angela Buchman?

Angela Buchman Age and Birthday Angela is 45 years old to 2019, born September 18, 1974, Fishers, Indiana, United States of America. On September 18 each year she celebrates her birthday.

How old is Chuck Lofton in the weather? AGE: 55 GIG: Morning forecast on WWHR channel 13 BUSINESS Snow: Lofton wakes up at 1:40 in the morning to come to the office to receive Sunrise eyewitness information an hour later.

Who is Chuck Lofton married to?

He and his wife Mary Lou have three sons, Timothy, Paul and Phillip and a daughter-in-law Heidi and Courtney.

What channel is Chuck Lofton on?

Chuck Lofton – Weather Broadcasting / Video Reporter – WWHR-TV | LinkedIn.

Why did Mimi leave Channel 13?

Long-morning traffic correspondent Mimi Pearce has left WWHR-TV Channel 13 as part of a strategic shift in the way the station covers traffic. Neither Pearce, who has been in the station for 18 years, nor WWHR officials have announced her dismissal or resignation.

What happened to Bruce Kopp? Kopp has worked in a variety of roles at WWHR, including as a business journalist and weekly anchorage. He was removed from the Sunrise program in the early morning of March 2016 to perform “other tasks.” Again it goes on. On his Facebook page, Kopp said he would look for other job opportunities in the Indianapolis area.

What happened to Mimi Pearce WTHR?

Mimi Pearce, 55, was released on Tegna television on Wednesday morning, according to a Facebook post by Mimi Pearce WWHR. “Channel 13 has made a difference in traffic operations … You will find me on my new FB Mimi Pearce Traffic page, and I will still help you with my WFMS radio home journey.

What has happened to Andrea Morehead?

Indianapolis News Correspondent Andrea Morehead recently filed a lawsuit against her former employee in an Indiana federal court. The lawsuit comes after a recent battle with breast cancer. Morehead announced it had no cancer in March 2020.

Is Fanchon Stinger related to Colette stinger?

One of Meisner’s clients is Colette Stinger, Fanchon Stinger’s younger sister, who was Flint’s girlfriend.

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