Armed Forces weekend at IMS welcomes a new group of enlistees

Speedway, Ind. – It was a weekend of honor at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Armed Forces Weekend is dedicated to paying tribute to our incredible military personnel and to the next generation too.

More than 100 young men and women took the oath of enlistment on Sunday to serve our great country.

They will each serve a unique and important role in protecting the United States of America. This includes serving in the Air Force, Navy, Army, and the Marine Corps.

One of the new enlistees says it means a lot for him to dedicate his life to service.

“It makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself, and that’s always something that I’ve wanted to do is to be a part of something that can stretch beyond my wildest imagination,” CJ Meyer, one of the new enlistees, said.

A big congratulations to all of those who took the oath of enlistment this weekend!

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