Delphi judge asks Indiana Supreme Court for more time to respond to challenge of how she’s run the case

The judge overseeing the Delphi double murder trial of Richard Allen has asked the Indiana Supreme Court for more time to respond to a challenge of how she’s run the case.

Allen County Superior Judge Fran Gull was granted an extra week before she has to file a response with the high court over a petition that argues she has unnecessarily limited public access to documents in the case file.

The new due date for Judge Gull’s response is Nov. 16.

Judge Gull filed a motion with the supreme court on Friday citing the Indiana Attorney General’s refusal to represent her in the high court debate. She claimed she needed time to find another lawyer.

Chief Justice Loretta Rush granted Judge Gull’s request, and a new attorney was found.

Last week, Judge Gull told Delphi defendant Richard Allen that she was replacing his defense team with two lawyers from her home court in Fort Wayne because she alleged his original attorneys exhibited “gross negligence” in their handling of crucial crime scene evidence.

The evidence in question was leaked to social media followers of the investigation into the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German in Carroll County in 2017.

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