Destiny Wells announces campaign for Indiana Attorney General

INDIANAPOLIS — A Democratic candidate who previously ran for the Indiana Secretary of State position in 2022 is now running for the state’s attorney general position.

Destiny Wells, an attorney and combat veteran, announced her candidacy for Indiana Attorney General on Monday. According to her website, Wells is a U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel.

“I’m running for Indiana Attorney General to get our State back to serving Hoosiers,” Wells’ website said. “I have worked at all levels of government – local, state, federal and the multi-national level with NATO.”

Wells has previously served as the associate corporation counsel for the city of Indianapolis and Marion County, as well as the deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana, according to her website. Wells also serves as the deputy chair of the Indiana Democratic Party.

FOX59 and CBS4 previously reported when Wells ran as the democratic candidate for the Indiana Secretary of State position in 2022. Republican Diego Morales was elected to the position in November 2022 with 54.14% of the vote.

This comes after Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced in February that he would be running for reelection in 2024. At the time, he said he was proud of his work bringing back nearly $1 billion to taxpayers, as well as “fighting woke-ism, protecting citizens and… jobs from federal overreach, bureaucrats and special interests while always standing up for liberty.”

“I am running for attorney general because Hoosiers deserve an attorney general who will put them first,” Wells said in the release. “As attorney general, I will protect medical privacy, support workers’ rights, and focus on the needs and safety of our communities.”

According to a news release from the Wells campaign, Wells said her campaign will focus on three priorities:

  • Protecting medical privacy
    • Wells said she will fight to protect the rights of all Hoosiers to make their own healthcare decisions.
  • Supporting workers’ rights
    • Wells said she will introduce a Workers’ Bill of Rights and propose a task force to assist in issues such as wage theft and worker misclassification.
  • Getting back to serving Hoosiers
    • Wells said she will prioritize the needs of Hoosiers, not national political talking points. Wells also said she will return the office to its highest ethical standards.

While it is a down-ballot race, Wells said during a Monday afternoon news conference that the Indiana attorney general position is the one where she has the most passion and one that she has professional expertise in.

Compared to her race last year, Wells said she plans to be smarter and more cautious in this particular race. Wells stressed that she wants to make sure that the electorate understands how “poor the status quo is currently” and how they plan to improve it.

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