Fidez and Cancer, first round passed with Chiara Ferragni and with the embrace of parents and children

to Chiara Maviletti

The singer returned home after nine days of hospitalization. In the videos on social networks, the happiness of seeing her children again: I come back to life

videos back home. And then, in his own words, he came back to life. After nine days of hospitalization, after a delicate six-hour operation for a rare form of pancreatic cancer, the singer left San Rafael Hospital from Milan yesterday afternoon. He did this by squeezing the hand of someone who didn’t make him feel alone in what was arguably the most complex moment of his life: his wife, Chiara Ferragnalis. Always present at every stage of this journey. And to the many paparazzi waiting for him on the street, he simply said: I’m fine. Good to get out of the hospital. But the meaning of those words that I have already made clear in recent days: to return to my children would be to return to life. So it’s good to come back to life. With a new perspective, the singer also wrote by publishing a photo of his resignation.

A shot embracing his wife, who bends her legs, making them smaller. From behind, his mother, Tatiana, squeezes him with her eyes closed, but they still convey all the feelings of that moment very well. Then there is Father Franco, along with the medical staff who treated him: thank you who literally saved my life, who guided and cared for me in these days that were not easy, but who on the other hand gave me a new perspective that allowed me to face life. Love is the most important medicine. And about love, Fedez (or maybe Federico, because in recent days he himself fell so much on his social networks), he got a lot. A gigantic, transversal wave of emotion Ferragni also wanted to thank you again: thank you for the love you give us every day. And thanks to my wonderful husband who fought so hard and bravely for our family. The state, as it was, has always managed to show itself strongly and smile in front of their children, who are too young to understand what their parents are going through.

It happened yesterday too. And in the short videos of the singer’s return that were posted on social media, it was great to see him again in that living room that so many knew, it was good to hear his laugh, like before the Christmas festivities. son of leo
, blowing a paper trumpet, in the midst of an air of joy, cheerfully shouts to him: Happy Birthday, Dad!. In another clip, Fedez jokes with him, leaving him at a loss when he tells him that in the heart of the balloons the little boy just gave him is an inscription: Leon Fargini instead welcomes you to the house that everyone can’t wait. Tell him. Then the little girl kisses the victory he won One year on the day it was accepted. In all likelihood, they are all snapshots of the perspective from which Videz now wants to start over. Because when inevitably many things change, it seems that a singer has become more confident, such as the value of his family. And about his wife, my rock, he always wrote to her publicly a few hours before.

Homecoming video Also tailor-made for her. Surrounding her from the couch, sitting next to him, she is sucked in by the photos on her cell phone. A moment later he said to her: Pssss. She turned, looked at him, her hair tied up with a piece of flannel, and at that moment she said, “I love you.” Moments in life, for most people, can distinguish this couple from almost anything, suddenly so close (a talent, it must be said, was even before they went through this disease together). And more than that, there are moments that can explain to millions of people around the world that Fedez’s phrase is not just a beautiful phrase, but true, it just happens like this: love is the most powerful medicine.

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