Hancock County Sheriff’s Office looking for suspect stealing from neighborhood cars

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. — The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a person who is suspected of stealing items from neighborhood cars near Greenfield.

According to a post on the office’s Facebook page, the person, unidentified by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, was seen checking vehicles in the area of 500 W/200 S in the county. The post read the person was seen checking vehicles in a driveway and then running to an other driveway to check other vehicles.

“If you live in this area and have outside security cameras, please check to see if you have any activity like this,” the post read. “We are aware that this picture is blurry and not the best, however we are hopeful someone recognizes the body type, face shape with hairline and maybe the clothing. Navy blue hoodie, black bleached out jeans and Nike slides.”

If people have information on the man, or have any videos/photos, they are asked to contact Detective Sergeant Gary Achor by email or by calling (317) 477-1199.

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