IMPD releases edited bodycam footage of early August officer-involved shooting

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released edited body camera footage on Tuesday of an early August shooting involving an IMPD officer near Washington Park that led to the death of 49-year-old Gary Harrell.

According to a news release from IMPD, the edited footage can be viewed on the department’s YouTube channel.

On Aug. 3, Douglas Correll, a veteran of the department and a north district officer, shot Harrell during a traffic stop for reckless driving in the 3400 block of North Parker Ave. According to previous reports, officials claimed at the time Harrell had already exited the car and began verbally engaging with the officer as Correll was approaching the vehicle during the stop,

IMPD said at the time Harrell continued to disregard the officer’s verbal commands. Police claimed Harrell then ran from the car with a handgun. After Correll initially ran after Harrell, officials said that he then shot Harrell.

After the incident, IMPD said at the time they did recover a handgun and narcotics at the scene. Officials at the scene did not say at the time if Harrell pointed a gun or fired any shots at Correll.

A friend of Harrell said after the incident that his family members are “completely distraught” about the incident. According to previous reports, Harrell had minor traffic violations on his record over the past decade.

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