Tools and materials stolen from organization that builds homes for homeless veterans

INDIANAPOLIS — A non-profit organization that builds homes for homeless veterans has suffered a major setback after somebody stole more than $10,000 worth of tools and supplies from them.

Anthony Roberts showed up at the worksite in late July and found the trailer he stored his tools and supplies in was open. The thief or thieves cleaned it out, leaving Roberts with nothing.

“My stomach automatically sunk,” Roberts said. “I have felt violated, angry, disrespected, you name it.”

Roberts is the founder of Steadfast for Veterans which works to provide veterans with affordable housing. He along with family members and volunteers have been working on building 17 affordable homes on a vacant lot on the west side of Indianapolis.

Now getting veterans in those homes is going to take a lot longer.

“This whole project was started because we have got too many homeless veterans in our country,” Roberts said. “Trying to help them, to have that done, that was a huge slap in the face to not only our organization but the veterans as a group.”

Roberts said he’s tried to continue doing what work he can which unfortunately isn’t much. He said he’s repeatedly shown up at the site and started a job only to realize the tools he needs were taken.

“When you don’t have the tools and supply you’re kind of out of luck on that day,” Roberts said.

The tools and materials were insured, according to Roberts. However, getting reimbursed for them will take time.

He said he and his organization had good momentum going but along with their tools and supplies, that is now gone as well.

“It’s like you look down and all of a sudden your fuel tank is empty and you didn’t even know you had a leak in the gas tank,” Roberts explained. “You’ve got to figure out how to get to the next gas station.”

Roberts said his organization is looking for people or businesses to donate money, supplies or even their time to help get the project back up off the ground.

Companies can sponsor the homes they’re building and monetary donations can be made at any Huntington Bank location.

If you want to help out, you can find ways to do so on at Steadfast For Veterans’ website.

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