Jim Irsay joins forces with Miami Seaquarium to return Lolita the killer whale to her home waters

MIAMI, Fl. – For the first time ever, a private company with marine mammals has created a binding agreement with its only goal being to set a killer whale free into her home waters, according to a press release from The Dolphin Company. This agreement is possible, in part, due to a sizeable donation from Jim Irsay, owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts.

The killer whale, Lolita, will be returning to an ocean sanctuary in the next 18 – 24 months. Lolita is currently located at the Miami Seaquarium, which is under the management of The Dolphin Company.

“The story of Lolita the orca has been near and dear to my heart. I am proud—-and enthusiastic—-to play a role in finally returning Lolita to her native Pacific Northwest,” said Jim Irsay, Owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts.

Two killer whales at Sea World.

The Miami Seaquarium and it’s parent organization, The Dolphin Company, joined a binding agreement with Friends of Lolita, which is a non-profit that exists to bring to life the dream of returning Lolita to an ocean sanctuary. Friends of Lolita was co-founded by environmentalist, Pritam Singh.

‘It has always been our commitment at The Dolphin Company that we place the highest priority on the well-being of animals, above all else,” said Eduardo Albor, CEO of The Dolphin Company. “Finding a better future for Lolita is one of the reasons that motivated us to acquire the Miami Seaquarium. With the help of Jim Irsay and Pritam Singh, we are bringing that dream, the dream of returning Lolita to her home waters, closer than ever.”

Killer whale “Tilikum” appears during its performance in its show “Believe” at Sea World on March 30, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

Lolita has been receiving around the clock care and her most recent welfare check indicated that her energy, appetite, and engagement are becoming stable.

“It is a sacred privilege to share in the mission of caring for and bringing home Lolita, our beloved one,” said Singh, Co-Founder of Friends of Lolita. “My thanks to all the team, particularly Eduardo Albor, Jim Irsay and Raynell Morris, for all their efforts and support.”

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