Joe Hogsett elected to third term as Indianapolis mayor

Update (10:05 p.m.)

With yells of “four more years” coming from the crowd, Hogsett spoke to his supporters after he was elected to a third term as the mayor of Indianapolis.

At the beginning of his remarks, Hogsett thanked Shreve for a hard-fought campaign and said both of them highlighted the challenges and the opportunities facing the city. Hogsett said Shreve is a long-valued member of the community and he welcomes his continued contributions to bringing the city closer to a better Indianapolis.

As Hogsett continued, he said he is excited to work hand in hand with the people elected to the City-County Council. Hogsett also thanked volunteers, saying that the victories would not have been possible without them.

The majority of the speech was Hogsett thanking Indianapolis residents. Over his tenure as the mayor of Indianapolis, Hogsett said that they have rejoiced together and stood in solace together.

“In good times and in tough times, it has been the residents of our beautiful city who have kept us focused and energized,” he said. “That does not stop today. We will need you over the next four years because change can’t come from the mayor’s office alone.”

Hogsett said that through his third term, he aims to serve all of Indianapolis. Hogsett touted the accomplishments of the past eight years, including balanced budgets, and investments into public safety and infrastructure.

But, Hogsett said there is work yet to be done.

“Now, the voters have spoken,” Hogsett said. “They have given us the chance to deliver on those challenges that yet remain because there are guns to get off of our streets. There is affordable housing to build. There are students to support. There are small businesses to empower and 1.2 billion dollars in infrastructure to upgrade…” 

To end his remarks, Hogsett said:

“Tonight, in what will be final remarks as a candidate on a stage like this, I’ll end where I began so many years ago. This is what I said: My name is Joe Hogsett. I was born in Rushville, Indiana. But I’ve had the great good fortune of being the mayor fo the greatest city in the world. Now, my friends, I call on you one last time. Let’s get to work.” 

Original Story:

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis residents have elected Mayor Joe Hogsett for a third term.

According to unofficial results from the Marion County Election Board, officials reported that Hogsett received 58.99% of the vote, recording 78,377 votes. Hogsett’s Republican challenger, Jefferson Shreve, received 41.01% of the vote and recorded 54,489 votes. At this point, these results are with 78.49% of precincts reporting.

This comes after a months-long race and a multi-million dollar investment into the race by the two candidates, a record amount for an Indianapolis mayoral race. According to previous reports, both candidates campaigned on public safety, as well as the status of downtown Indianapolis.

On Tuesday morning, before results were reported by Marion County, Hogsett said it was a long and hard-fought campaign. Hogsett said at the time he is looking forward to “finish[ing] the job.”

“I’ve enjoyed serving the people of Indianapolis for the last eight years and in no small measure because of the global pandemic, I’d like to finish the job and I think that can be done if I am given a third term,” Hogsett said. “I hope to be able to finish the job over the next four years and ride off into the political sunset.”

Before the results, Shreve said on Tuesday that it was a competitive campaign as a whole.

“We had waged a really competitive mayoral campaign, which we have not seen in a few cycles, and competition is good,” Shreve said. “This is good for our city.”

In remarks to supporters, Shreve said it was a “heart decision” to invest in this race and in Indianapolis.

“This is our hometown, this is our city. And I am convinced that it can be better,” Shreve said. “[This pursuit] has been extraordinarily broadening. This candidate has grown tremendously. Now, it has been an expensive education. But I have grown tremendously and grown to appreciate my hometown.”

Shreve said he called Hogsett to concede. During that conversation, Shreve said Hogsett asked for, and Shreve offered, to continue to help “move this city forward,” but as a private citizen.

In a statement from the Fraternal Order of Police, officials said that they commend both candidates and their respective campaigns.

“We congratulate Mayor Joe Hogsett on his re-election. The Mayor knows well the immediate need to boldly make moves to retain officers and set the stage for a net gain of staffing for IMPD,” the statement read. “We are confident that we can collectively work in good faith in the coming months to set a standard that incentivizes the needed growth in the ranks to move our capital city toward safety and prosperity. Time is of the essence. Let’s go to work.”

Joe Elsener, the chairman of the Marion County Republican Party, congratulated Mayor Hogsett after Tuesday night’s results with the following statement:

As we wind down the evening, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you! First and foremost, I want to thank Jefferson Shreve. I understand we didn’t get the results that we wanted, but we all should really appreciate Jefferson standing up and fighting for our capital city when he knew the odds were stacked against us. Next, I want to thank all of our candidates who ran this cycle. Each of you who ran made a positive difference in our county, win or lose. Last, I want to thank all of our grassroots leaders who helped us move the ball forward this cycle. With your help, we knocked on a record number of doors, attended hundreds of events, made thousands of phone calls, and did so much more. 

Again, I understand the results weren’t what we wanted, and we have a lot of work to do, but we did have important wins including picking up a seat on the City-County Council. 

Thank you all for what you do. Now it is time to get to work for 2024. 

This story will be updated throughout the evening with updated statements from Hogsett and Shreve, as well as updated numbers from the Marion County Election Board.

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