Central Indiana weather

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. — It’s only fitting here in Indiana that a week where we saw tornadoes and record-breaking high temperatures, we’d cap it off with snow.

”Weather has been crazy,” said FOX59 Meteorologist Beth Finello. “We’ve had record warmth, we’ve had a lot of rainfall.”

A stormy Monday turned destructive when two EF-1 tornadoes touched down in Hancock County.

“A lot of debris, a lot of power lines down, but nothing major,” said Misty Moore, Hancock County EMA Director. “Other than we do have one barn that is pretty damaged.”

There were no injuries but a more than-century-old barn was heavily damaged.

“This is really hard,” said Gary Kingen, the owner of the barn and farm it sits on.

Kingen was outside when the tornado hit.

“It sounded like machine gun fire,” he said. “They got under a tractor, I got under a bench, and just like that it was over.”

Debris was left scattered across fields in Hancock county. The good news was the weather would be perfect for clean up by Wednesday.

“We hit a high of 76 which broke the old record back in the 70s of 71,” said Finello.

Giving us a pleasant day sandwiched in between the madness of Indiana weather.

But, as quick as the sunshine arrived, it left again. Friday brought more than two inches of rain, breaking another daily record, and high winds, which proved problematic in Frankfort.

“There was a really loud bang and then our power flickered,” said Alex Harrison.

A tree in Harrison’s yard off Morrison St. in Frankfort uprooted Friday, crashing into his neighbor’s home. There were no injuries and no major damage.

“I expected it to be a major cave in in the roof, but it just looks like pretty minor damage,” said Harrison.

The heavy rain flooded streets across Clinton County. 600 North between 200 East and 300 East will be closed this weekend after flood waters washed the gravel on the road away.

For a chilly end to Friday afternoon, temperatures dropped roughly 10 degrees and the rain changed to snow. A frosty start for March after just seeing a trace in February.

“We were on the warm side of all of those storms and now we’re starting to see some cold air fill in behind this specific one,” Finello said.

Closing out a classic five-day stretch of weather for central Indiana.

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